12 Trails, 85 Miles: One Epic Weekend

Extreme Trail Running through the Klondike

Sponsored by Duff’s Backcountry Outfitters from July 29th-31st, summer local and family man Ben Seale will accomplish a feat unprecedented by any other: Completing the 85 miles of “Duff’s Trail Challenge” in one weekend.

“Duff’s Trail Challenge” consists of 12 Trails found in Skagway, Alaska, and its surrounding areas. The annually held competition takes participants the entire summer to complete, but Ben Seale is no average Athlete.

He has competed in various Marathons and rigorous races including the 2009 Boston Marathon (3:06:11), Skagway’s First Annual 2011 Marathon, the Extreme Trail Series Moab, the St. George Marathon (2:59:15 PR), and has ran the Yukon Trail Marathon six times (3:30:00 PR).

His competitive outlook is pacified by a playful and meek demeanor, yet Ben implements a “Don’t focus on your laurels” mentality, “You can’t just be satisfied with past trophies or accomplishments, you gotta keep moving forward to the next stage of progression.”

He will need that drive to hike all 12 trails in merely 2 1/2 days. He plans to start Friday evening after work, running two hikes at night: AB Mountain and Smugglers Cove. Saturday morning will then include both the Denver and Laughton Glaciers trails before returning to Skagway Mid-day to hike six more trails in succession: Lower Dewey Lake; Sturgill’s Landing; Upper Dewey Lake; Devil’s Punchbowl; Icy Lake; and Upper Reid Falls.

On Sunday he saves the most arduous and exhausting hikes for last: Heading out in the morning to Bennett, Canada, where he will run the 33 miles of the historic Chilkoot Trail, and finish his journey by hiking the Lost Lake trail.

Kristin Wagner, Manager of Duff’s Backcountry Outfitters expressed her excitement and full support in sponsoring Ben Seale, “Ben came to us with the idea to complete all 12 trails in a weekend and we got really excited because it gives us the opportunity to equip an Outdoors Athlete with all the accessories and gear one would need.“

Outfitted with a light weight Mountain Hardwear Daypack-filled with electrolyte enriched supplements, a Steripen water filter, and a Gopro action camera-Ben sets out to capture any Trail Runner’s dream: 12 Trails, 85 Miles, One Weekend: Rightfully earning him the name as Skagway’s Outdoors Man of Steel.

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